Happy Birthday!!

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March 31 is Ritzywife's birthday....... I spent the day getting up late. going to Lowe's to purchase ceramic tiles for my kitchen countertops and eating dinner at my niece's house after church.
She called earlier just as I was beginning to assemble pizzas for supper and told me to STOP!  She then told me that she was having enchiladas and cake and ice cream for me at her house after church.  We all had a good time visiting and watching the kiddos play.
I am waiting on my new sink and faucet to arrive so I can start laying the tiles in the kitchen.
It has been really nice weather in Oklahoma this week.  Sure has been windy tho.  Didn't know if the warmer weather was ever going to get here.  I hope it is here to stay............
I sure am tempted to plant some flowers, but am holding off for that last frost of the season.    The potatoes and onions are growing good in the garden.  I sure hope they don't get "bit". 
Will be planting some beans, tomatoes, okra and cucumbers as soon as the frost danger passes.
I am in the process of hanging new blinds in the windows.  I have always had mini blinds, but last fall I ordered 2-in blinds that look like wood.  Have the ones in the kitchen finished.  Still have to hang blinds  in the dining room, living room, utility room and bath room.
Ritzy informed me that this was "my" project and he was staying out of it, hahaha!!!!
Not much else going on around here.......I am also waiting for the water to warm up so I can go fishing for crappie.  Unless we get a lot of rain that will raise the lake so that I am unable to get to the fishing spot, I should start in a couple of weeks, if the temps stay as warm as they have been.  But we all know how quickly that can change around here.
Ritzywife is out for now................

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