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I hope everyone had a blessed and happy Easter.  Our church had a sunrise service and breakfast at 7:00am this morning.  We all enjoyed meeting outside for a short while and then coming inside for a fellowship and breakfast.  The food was wonderful.  Ritzy and I showed up at 6:00am to help.  I didn't do much because I have had a nasty cold the past few days.  I sound terrible and it's been hard to sleep at night.  The daughter came down with this last week and I think she passed it on to her mama.  We had regular sunday school and worship services then dismissed services tonight.
After lunch at Granny's I came home and got on my bed.  At 5pm I woke up.  Ritzy has been cutting wood all afternoon. 
Well...... I have all the "stuff" to start redoing my countertops and replacing my sink, but now I am going to have to wait until I start feeling better. 
  I am thinking about going outside and sitting in the porch swing for a while, but the only thing holding me back is the fact that the wind is really blowing and I start coughing if I feel any breeze at all in my face.  I have even had to shut off my bedside fan at night.
I got the rest of my window blinds hung yesterday.  I enlisted the son's help.  He did a good job.  I just handed him whatever he needed and he got the job done.....
Not too much else going on around here this weekend.
Ritzywife out.............................

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