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I have been pretty busy the past couple of weeks.  I didn't realize it had been so long since my last post.

Last weekend Ritzy and a friend of ours refinished my countertops. I had old formica which was still in good shape but it was {{{{{orange}}}}}.  Dad put in those cabinet tops in 1972.  They were built in the '50'-'60's.   I was ready to see them go......Here are a couple of before and after pics.  I also put in a new sink.  One with only one basin.  It is so much better that the standard stainless steel sink. 
Took the guys the whole weekend, but they finished the job and Ritzywife was happy.  I spent Monday finishing the cleaning and sealing the grout.  Finally --- everything in my kitchen matches.  That Orange had to go!!!!
Besides redoing the cabinets, I have been fishing.  I got up a 5 this morning to go.  Last night when I told Ritzy I was going to get up that early, he just laughed and said --"yeah right, you can't get up at 5 in the morning".........I told him that I could get up when it came to fishing ;-)        I stayed until 10 this morning and only caught 5 fish.  One of my nephews was down there and he asked if I wanted his fish cause he did not want to clean them and I said--You bet I do!!!!!!  I don't turn down crappie.  The daughter came down there for a little while and a little before we left she asked if She and I could meet her boyfriend in Owasso to eat lunch.  I was hungry and that sounded like a pretty good idea to me so, We hurried home, I cleaned the fish and myself and we headed to Owasso.  Before leaving the fishing hole, tho, as I was gathering my gear I happened to look in a hollow spot in the rock I had been sitting on all morning and a dad-gum snake stuck his head out.  I thought, O my gosh I have been sitting on or by that thing all morning.  I was ready to go!!!!!
After returning home I headed for my bedroom to take a nap.  We ate supper, went to church and as soon as church was over I returned to the fishing hole.  No one was really catching anything.  My brother, his wife, her dad and my two nephews were down there and I just found a place next to them to fish.  As the sun was setting, we were all leaving and one of my friends pulled up and we started talking about our catches.  During the conversation he asked if I wanted the fish he had cause he did not want to clean them and you can guess what I said.............so at 10pm I was out in the garage cleaning crappie.  There were 14 of them.
Yesterday morning I arrived just as the fish stopped biting.  After a little while my sister-in-law's dad came over and said I must be bad luck.......I said- Gee thanks!!          
Well, tonight I get down there and he says here comes Bad Luck Cheryl.  I thought... it's gonna take some work living that down. hahahaha!!!!  But as I was thinking about his comment while cleaning the fish I thought --Heck I haven't done too bad.  Twice in one day I was given some pretty good sized crappie and they would make about 2 meals for us................so.............if you ask me, I think that is darned good luck!!!!!!!
With that, Ritzywife is out for the day...............................

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