Spring Is Here.............I think.....

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Well, Spring started out strange.  It started with a Winter Storm that gave us 8 or more inches of snow and temps in the 30's and wind chill in the teens.  I was going to upload a picture but our internet has been so slow the past couple of weeks.  It was 70 degrees the day before the storm and 70 degrees a couple of days after. 
About the internet, I am so disgusted with our satellite service.  They say that if a customer uses more bandwith than their plan allows , they will slow you down.  The son and I were trying to figure out what in the world we had done to exceed our limits.  It does no good to call cause they will always say it is something we done.  I believe this is only a way to rip us off and not provide our service.  We pay for  the highest plan available and it is supposed to be very hard to exceed your limits.  Anyways, I am ticked off.  I am thinking about going with mobile broadband with my cellular company. 
Last week one of my nephews and his wife had their first baby, a little girl.  This is my youngest sister's grandbaby.  It is now official.  My two sisters and brother are grand-parents, and Ritzy and I are still waiting.........
I have been making some deer jerky in between baking all that bread.  It turned out pretty good, so I hear.  (Would post a picture of that if the internet was normal.)  I just loaded both dehydrators and am waiting on more to be done. 
I have been hungry for tamales.  I have made them once before.  They require a little work but they are certainly worth it.  I bought the ingredients to make them last night, so in the next few days we will have homemade tamales for dinner. YUMMMMMY!!!!
We have potatoes and onions planted in the garden.  I just hope it stays dry enough to plant the rest.  This week looks wet tho. 
After all that snow melting, the yard is a big waterhole.  We live at the bottom of a little hill, and get all the runoff. 
It is hard to believe that next Wednesday, I will be 51.  Don't have anything planned, yet.  May tell Ritzy that I am not going to cook on my birthday and if he wants to eat, it will be out.....hahaha!!!!
That's about all I have for now..................Ritzywife out..........................

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