When Does It Ever Slow Down?!?

Posted by: cheryl

 I have always thought that as you get older, your life slows down.  NOT!!!!!  I have been so busy , it's crazy.  Can't even remember what I did Monday........Yesterday was my sister-in-law's birthday.  This is the sister-in-law who recently lost her mother.  So.........Ritzywife had the bright idea to surprise her at her home with my mom and sisters bringing lunch.  I knew this birthday would be especially hard for her.   We would use the decoy of me calling her to tell her to be ready to go eat at an undisclosed place at 11:00 am, but instead we would all be meeting at her home at 11:00.    That was the plan anyways, but my mom and sister were not going to be able to make it because something unexpected came up..... so we decided to hold her party that evening.  Well....that meant I  had to take her out for real now.........My youngest sister was going to meet us at Chili's and surprise her. We ate at the Pryor Chili's.   The only thing about having the party at night was the fact that her son takes guitar lessons on Tuesdays at Claremore and they don't get home till about 8 in the evening.  Anyways we got all the people contacted for that surprise party.  I asked my brother to "call" me when they were a couple miles away. Yes, he was in on this from the beginning.  Well I got the "call" so we turned out the lights, ( we were inside because her two older sons have a key to the house, haha) and waited.  Everyone parked their cars behind the house and they were not visible.  The door opened, my brother turned on the light and we all yelled.... {{{{{{SURPRISE}}}}}.  It shocked her so much she just stood hiding behind the door for a minute. Yea!!!! We pulled it off.  There were about 25 friends and family present.  We all wanted her to know how much we love her and cared for her.  It turned out to be a great time for everyone........
She gave me a few "I am gonna get you back" looks but it was worth it.....I hope, haha!!!  Also, when she found out our brother was in on it she could not believe it.  I was so afraid someone would let something "slip".  Yesterday while we were on our way to and back from Pryor  I  turned off the bluetooth on my cellphone so it would not come thru my radio while in the truck.  I also turned the ringer off.  I did not want to give even a hint of what we were up to......Well, that was yesterday and now on to today.  Started out getting ready to meet the daughter in Owasso for a movie and lunch.  We had a great time.  Got back home and had to go down to my sister's house to help cut and wrap 3 deer.  The daughter's boyfriend and Dad got these while on a hunting trip to Nebraska last week.  They were going to pay the processors to process the meat and I told the boyfriend that  we would do it for just some of the meat.  No sense in paying for something like that.  So, after returning home as I said before I went to the sisters house and began helping.  We worked till it was time to go to chruch. (7:00 pm)  After chruch, I went back down there and we quit at 11:00 pm.  Got everything done except 4 gallon bags full.  We will do that tomorrow.  That should not take long at all.......and now here I am at 1:45 on Thursday morning and I am feeling the bed call me.  I am also starting to hit the wrong keys on my laptop.  Time to call it a day......Ritzywife out.......................

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