Comfort Food

Posted by: cheryl

Yeah, that's what I call these chicken & noodles.   They sure were good.... Ritzy, the son and I ate almost all of them.....
The wind was blowing pretty hard all day and leaves were going everywhere.  I do believe Fall is here.  We have a freeze warning here in Oklahoma tonight. 
I was talking to the son earlier and asked about his making some deer jerky earlier in the week.  Well, he had taken items out of the cabinet to look for some cayenne pepper.  He found the pepper, but forgot to put the items back in the cabinet.  One of those items, which was laying beside a dehydrator was a bag of chocolate chips.  I was telling him that what I now have thanks to his leaving that bag out is .....a bag of "chocolate chips" and a bag of "chocolate chip"........that's right, about half of one of the bags melted into 1 piece.  Guess I will have to get out the grater (or  hammer, hahaha) when I get ready to make cookies. 
Not too much going on around this household right now and that is fine with me........
I made reservations today for our family to visit Branson sometime next month.  Instead of buying gifts for Christmas, we are all going to take a mini-vacation together and have some fun!!!!!!  You cannot put a price on family or the time you spend together.....PRICELESS
It's time for me to clean my kitchen and start getting ready for bedtime.......Ritzywife out!!

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