What Is Going On?!?

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Yeah, that is what I would like to know.  As I stated in my last post, I had "offended" my daughter and boyfriend, without meaning to of course all the while trying to think of them.  We got that all worked out and everything is cool.........but, here comes something else from a totally unexpected direction.....Sunday we observed the Lord's Supper at our church.  Well. for the last 7-8 years Ritzywife has been responsible for getting everything ready for that, only because no one else would.  No one said any different this time. Our attendence on Sunday night is really low (about 20).  So instead of filling 2 holders of grape juice and 2 plates of bread I only did one of each and thought if we all (small group, remember) sat together it would be easier on the deacons to serve.  Besides, there were only 3 present that night.  As we dismissed Church Training and proceeded to the sanctuary I suggested to a couple of the couples present that it might be easier if we all sat together.  One of the women spouted off--Well, what if we don't want to sit over there with you----which, really shouldn't have surprised me considering the source.  I just said to just sit where you want then......Another couple came in and noticed that everyone was sitting on the same side and said something and Barbara, the one who spouted off said "Cheryl, told us we HAD to sit over here.  I was up at the piano at the time hearing all of this complaining about sitting.....(good grief people, get over it) I could not believe it!!!   Well, here comes the preacher and his family and guess what----everyone started telling them that I was telling everyone where to sit. By this time I had just about had enough and was ready to walk out.  We finished our song and I went to sit by my Mom . Then, the preacher asked what was going on with everyone seated together and I raised my hand and said I would tell him.  I proceeded to tell him that we all knew there would only be a few there so I only filled one tray of juice and one plate of bread.  I was trying to make it easy on the ones serving.   Ritzy and Dad ( I thought, were going to be serving).  NOT!!!!!!  Well,  While telling him this , the ones complaining really started spouting things off about me saying that Cheryl said this or Cheryl made us do this.  All lies.... All I did was suggest that it might be easier if we just all sat as a group.  I turned at one point and said " I am about ready to leave",   they may have thought I was joking but I was dead serious.  I had just about had enough of this.  We were in church, people!!!!!     It seems the preacher forgot to mention that he was going to serve everyone that night.   I was almost in tears at this time and VERY close to getting my things and walking out.  All I tried to do was make things easier on the ones having to do the work.  Well, that was not the end of it, forward to last night at home.  The daughter and boyfriend came back for a great-neice's birthday.  She turned 2.  After the party we were all at the house and the daughter brought up the subject that her gas tank was on E and it was 15 miles to the nearest gas station.  I looked at her and was telling her how dangerous that was .  Not only for her truck, but for her in general.  I told them to put some gas (that Ritzy had in the garage) in her truck before leaving.  Anyways, I was trying to explain to her to always have gas in  her truck.  You never know what could come up.  Well, the son and boyfriend were playing XBOX all this time and the son chimed in and told me to just keep my thoughts to myself because what I had to say didn't matter because they are gonna do  what they want.  Again, all I was trying to do was offer some helpful advice.  I simply closed my laptop, got up and proceeded to my bedroom.   Then the son made another comment about me leaving.  I turned (almost in tears again) and told him that this was the 3rd time in a week I had tried to help someone and dang near got my head bit off-----I was thru!!!!!    I then went to my room and sat for a while.
After a few minutes, the daughter knocked on the door and came in.  I told her that I was not trying to boss her around and that she would have NO IDEA what I was going thru until she had a son or daughter with a vehicle and out on their own. 
When I was younger, I would often wonder why some older people were so cynical and it would seem like they didn't care.  Well,  I am beginning to see why.......It would be so easy to just say "That's it, I've had enough of this"  and never try to help again.  But, I know me and I will probably never quit trying---and probably keep getting hurt......when it comes to my family.  As for church, I have always stepped in to do whatever needed to be  done, but I am now going to wait til I am asked to to a job.  It's time for someone else to do thier job!!!
That being said........Ritzywife is out.......................

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