Thank You Veterans!!!

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Today is a day we set aside to honor all Veterans.  I just want to say---"THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE"......

We all need to stop and think about where we would be without their sacrifice...I have:
 2 uncles who served during WWII
 1 uncle who served in Vietnam
2 uncles who served during peacetime
 a nephew who served in Operation Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan)
 and my husband who served in Operation Iraqi Freedom (Iraq)...
Chili's was offering a free meal for veteran's today so Ritzy and I ate a late lunch there.  At the time  we were  dining, there were about a dozen veterans also enjoying a meal.  It was very good..
My sister and I had a visit with a cousin (by marriage) today.  The conversation turned toward--- how, as Christians, the way we raise our kids and what they choose to do anyway.  The point was brought up that we should not be so hard on them when they choose a lifestyle that is NOT suitable for a person that claims to be a Christian.  I believe that as a Christian a person should stand up for what they believe in and not give in to what is going on around them.  Not to the point of a "better than thou " attitude, mind you, but others should be able to see our lives and see that our living measures up to what we "talk".  If we see someone in our family or even in our church  just throwing their life to the wind and letting it fall where it is wrong not to hold them accountable for their choices... and not how we are called to live.  People always get hurt, whether it be adults or children when we make choices that are not according to what God expects.   I am NOT saying we will always be perfect, but when we do "mess up" the thing to do is get it straightened out and live the way we profess.
This may sound like a lot of "preaching" but I really believe that  the reason our country is in the shape it is in today is because we (Christians) try to "blend in , not hurt anybody's feelings, not be noticed and put up with peoples ideas and attitudes.  Our country was founded on Christian principles and we have strayed so far away it is hard to see where we will end up.  I do know if we stay on the track we are on now it will NOT be good.  It's ok if you disagree, but the thing for me is-----I know what I beleive and who I believe in and I know what is expcted of me and will try my best to live the kind of life that will match my "talk"......
Ritzywife out.......................

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