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Sometimes, it's the best feeling in the world.......and sometimes you think "what is going on here?"
First of all I want to get the fact stated  that I dearly love my family .  But I receieved a phone call yesterday that just threw me into a spin.   The daughter and boyfriend, and yes I said boyfriend, are moving out of their apartment and trying to buy a house. (Everyone who knows me knows how I feel about that, and I might add so do the daughter and friend). It is just about a done deal, but the timing is a little off.  There is going to be a 2 to 4 week period inbetween the time they have to be out of the apartment and when they can move into the house.  The house needs carpet replaced and a little work done on a wood floor.  Well they did not want all their stuff in there to work around (and I can't really blame them). So...they are going to store all their belongings in the garage of the house, but.....they were needing somewhere to stay.  Somehow (mother's intuition I guess) I knew this call was coming.  Anyways, she asked if they could move back in after being gone for 6 months.  I never expected the kind of emotions I felt as I got off the phone.  I don't know if I was angry at myself for feeling the way I did or realizing that 5 adults in our home was going to be really cozy.  Well, I was just trying to make things better for all when I made a call to my sister-in-law.  She is the one who lost her mother last month.  We had been talking and she told me that if the daughter needed somewhere to stay she was more than welcome to come stay in her mom's place (1200 sq. ft. of space) until they could move into their house.  I thought this was a great idea because everyone would have their privacy, space and be happy.  NOT!!!!!  The daughter and boyfriend were offended that I would even think of such an idea. I said I was not trying to offend anyone or hurt anyone or make anyone not feel welcome in our home.  I just told her that one of the things I heard most often before they moved out is how much they wanted their privacy.  I was only going by what I had heard them say.  Well, let's just say our home will be cozy for a while.  But......I told them that I was NOT  going to be anyone's maid, that they were to pick up after themselves, do their own laundry and help with the groceries.  I think that is more than fair.  
Like I have said before, I sure can "tick" people off, and not even intend to.  I haven't heard from either of them today, they are usually here by now to spend the weekend.
Now to today.....I haven't had the greatest day, last evening I was "chilling" and could not get warm and today my throat has been sore and scratchy and I have just felt "yucky".  I guess that this is the time of year to expect a cold.    Well, at 7:30 tonight the son came in here and wanted to re-arrange the living room.  We didn't do exactly what he wanted to do, but we did change things around a bit.  I hope everyone is happy with it. 
I still have to study my lesson for Sunday School tomorrow, so with that being said Ritzywife is out.............

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