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Last evening was so nice, I just had to start a fire in the pit.  I find it so relaxing to sit in the quiet of the evening while the sun is setting and listen to a crackling fire.  I was sitting outside waiting on the son and Ritzy to get home for the evening.  Well, Ritzy called and he was running behind, but in his call he told me he was really blessed today.  He wasn't going to tell how me til he got home.....just wanted me to sit there and ponder what he said.  I had no way of knowing what he meant, so I just waited on him.  I already had supper cooked  and waiting on the stove.
Ritzy arrived home, he walked up to me and asked if I knew anything about "this".  Well "this" turned out to be a brand new $650.00 chainsaw that he was trying to save up for.  Bigger than the one he has now.  It seems that someone went to the place where Ritzy does his chain saw business and paid for him a new saw.  All he had to do was go pick it up!!!!  THAT IS AMAZING AND.......................  we serve an AWESOME GOD!!!
What I need to point out is back in the spring/summer someone stole one of Ritzy's best saws.  We just left it to God, and He replaced it with a bigger and better one!!  Praise God!!!
With that....Ritzywife is out...............................

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