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We found out at last what Braedy & Calvin are getting....a little brother......yippee....3 boys!!
Plus the  whole handful of ornery that comes with having 3 boys in the home.
Watch out will be so much fun raising all those boys.  Their daddy also had two brothers while growing up and he has told us some of the situations those boys got themselves into and all I gotta say is LOOK OUT!!!
We finally got a bit of winter weather this past couple of days.  It's about time!!  Not hanging around long tho.  I sure hope the boys get to wear their snowsuits that we got them.
Ritzy was gone a few days last week with the Oklahoma Baptist Disaster Relief Team to wind up work in Yukon, Ok after that ice storm from a few weeks back.  He returned home Friday evening.  The boys spent the night with us on Saturday and attended Church with us Sunday.  So it was a full weekend.
Well, it's short today, I am cooking super right now and I have nothing else to say for now....(we all know that won't last long)
 Ritzywife out.......................................................

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