Wow, it's 2016 Already?!?

Posted by: cheryl

This Holiday season came and went so fast.  I have Christmas 2015 all packed away and waiting for Christmas 2016.  This year was awesome.  The boys made out like bandits, as you can imagine.  It was so fun to watch them open gifts and see their excitement as they opened them.  "It's a box!!" I would hear...I thought -  well gee I could have just wrapped empty boxes, haha!!

Christmas 2015 at Ritzy & Ritzywife's 

 Told you the boys made out like bandits.....see......

Mama & her boys

I love this picture because all three of them have their heads tilted the same way,  so sweet...

Ni-maw had to buy gifts for "itty-bitty" even tho we still don't know if we are having a he or a she.  Hopefully we will find out at the end of this week.
Gee, this Oklahoma winter has been everything but that.  I am still waiting on that cold weather.  It was odd with it being so warm.  Couldn't wear those Christmas sweaters or you would get too hot :-(
Well, if you read the last post.....Nemo survived the stay at Ni-maw"s house.  Whew!!
He is home, safe and sound!!
Ritzy was out by the patio a couple days ago and told me the daffodils are already coming up thru the ground.  No.......... it's way too early.  Told ya we weren't having a winter........
Our neighbor who owns/operates the bait/convenience/cafe store across the road has recently made some changes to the outside of the building...It is so for yourself.......
Winganon Bait/Convenience/Cafe
In case you are wondering what NVM on the population is it stands for - "NOT VERY MANY" :-)
Well I have "stuff" to do so I guess I better get started......not much....but still  has to get done, haha!
So I will see ya later........................Ritzywife out............

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