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Yup, you got it, today is Ritzywife's birthday.  This makes #57.  I can't believe it's already here again.
Ritzy has been trying to get me to tell him where I would like to go eat out to celebrate.  I have not been able to come up with anything............til this morning.  I got to thinking what would make me happy and it was clear to me that being around  my family makes me happy.  I decided a nice steak dinner at home with those I love most would make me the happiest.  So, we are going to have a steak dinner, sit by the pitfire and make smores with the grandsons (if they get to come over).
It doesn't take fancy places or things to make me happy.....I love my family and I love spending time with them, especially those two little boys.  That's the perfect birthday celebration for--- Ni-maw, Ritzywife, Cheryl........
We are patiently waiting for the arrival of the newest addition to this clan.  just a few more weeks and the boys' little brother will be here.  I have a big box full of clothing, bedding, feeding items just waiting for him.  Not gonna be caught off guard, haha!  I even have my car seat and stroller......  All this baby is gonna need is diapers and wipes.  But then again, i think they are having a diaper shower for him in a couple weeks.  He is gonna be just fine ;-)  All we have to do is sit back and relax and wait for him to make his appearance to his family that already loves him so much!!!
We just need Mama & Daddy to settle on a name, haha!!!
On to other "stuff"..............Last night  North Tulsa and close to Owasso was hit by a tornado.  It was on the ground for a long time, not a powerful one but it was still a tornado.  During the forming of this thing that we were watching on t.v. I get a text from my daughter saying she and hubby and boys are in the Owasso Home Depot just 3 miles North of where this thing is (and...... she only has 2% of her battery life left on her phone), with the Owasso sirens blaring.........  I start to panic just a bit.  I keep texting her where it is, I take pictures of it on tv and send them to her........... They were all ok after it was all over, but I think Ritzywife, Ni-maw had a few more gray hairs.   There was also a strong storm to our north up in Nowata county, where I had just been a couple hours earlier attending a family member's memorial service.  I am glad that bad weather held off for a while!!    We seem to have been in between both those very strong storms...........ought to be thankful, I reckon.......
The boys were talking to me this morning and they thought it was fun and exciting.........whew!
I am still waiting on the weather to cooperate so the crappie will start coming in to the bank where I do all my fishing.  In the meantime tho....my brother, who goes in a boat has been catching crappie and has brought me some when he just catches a few, i do not mind cleaning them at all...........and boy were they good eating.  Thanks little brother!!!
Gonna make it a great day.....Ritzywife out..........................


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