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Even tho no pictures are posted, try to picture this:  I am eating some iced sourdough cinnamon rolls that are just out of the oven ... they sure are good...yummmm
They are small so I put 3 of them in a bowl and told Ritzy I knew he would want 3 of them and he said--"what if I want 4?"   Well, that lets me know he likes them.
I also have 2 dehydrators full of venison jerky that should be finished around midnight.  I made some the other day and it is just about gone.  The daughter's boyfriend likes it hot so I used some of those dried jalepenos I fixed a couple of weeks ago.  I ground them into a powder ( they were burning my nose as I was working on them) and added them to the meat mixture.  He loved it!!!!  I must say that if you like it HOT, this sure does the trick......
He sent me a text yesterday saying that he sure was trying to make that deer jerky last but he just could not stop eating it.   I told him not to worry cause I was making more today and would give it to the daughter tomorrow when we met for lunch........Let's just say, that made his day!!!!
***Ritzy just said---"Guess what hon......4 wasn't enough"  and there he goes into the kitchen for more.  I don't think that pan of rolls is going to make it thru the night ;-)
If he has a bellyache later it is NOT Ritzywife's fault..........
I can't believe it-----Ritzy just asked if I was going to finish my own roll, and I said "of course" so he went in after his 6th one!!!!!!!!   Dang, I'm gonna have to guard my food!!!!!
Sure am glad there are some Tums in the bathroom, hahaha!!!!!!
Last week was a very busy and stressful week.  my brother's wife's mother was laid to rest yesterday.  I played the piano for her "Celebration of Life" service in Claremore.  Earlier in the week my nephew  and I put together a DVD to play at the service.  He  played the guitar and I put the pictures together.  He did a wonderful job playing for his "Granny"......He has only been playing since June, but he played "Will The Circle Be Unbroken" as the background music...... I also made 2 CD"s of songs -- one song  played at the service and one at the graveside.
We then drove to Ft. Gibson for the graveside service.   On our way home we all stopped in Muskogee for a meal together and everyone in the resturaunt kept remarking about how big our "bunch" was.  There was about 20-25 of us.......they had no idea where we had just come from......All this made for a long day.
I tried to get caught up on housework today.  Tomorrow is the day I meet the daughter for lunch and a visit.  My sister-in-law asked if she could join us and I told her "of course" so we are going to have a good time eating and visiting.
The weather has turned a little cooler here and it feels wonderful.  Ritzy and I sat out by the pit fire for a while tonight enjoying the heat and watching the fire.
A few years ago Ritzy made a remark about all the flowers I was planting.  I always tried to plant them out of his mowing path.........well.........I am about ready to remind him of what he said because he and his "woodcutting" are about to take over every spare  inch of space around here.  Everywhere you look there is-----FIREWOOD!!!!!!   hahahahahahaha!!!!
People are coming to him almost daily wanting to buy firewood for the winter. ........ He has his regular (40 hr/wk) job and cuts firewood for something to do.  He loves doing it..........just as a hunter likes to hunt and a fisherman likes to fish.    Well, Ritzy loves to cut firewood!!!!  and Ritzywife is smart enough to stay away ;-)
I guess that's all I have for tonite......Ritzywife out....................

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