Fall Is In The Air

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I guess that's the only way to explain it.   I have been cooking & preserving a lot these past few weeks.  Today after loading the crock pot with a chuck roast I had to go to town on business for the church. 
That roast smelled yummy all day!!   I did the laundry, swept out the house and made some cupcakes for the guys.  Well, I bought a cupcake carrier for a good price and had to justifiy buying it, haha!!!!!
Made lemon ones, they were really good. 
I texted the son and asked if he wanted B-B-Q or hot beef sandwiches.  He chose B-B-Q . You might wonder why I didn't ask Ritzy. Well Ritzy will eat ANYTHING I put in front of him.  That son, on the other hand is a bit picky.........(makes for a frustrated cook sometimes).
I ended up making half B-B-Q and half hot beef.  Drained the juices and added sauteed mushrooms to make the gravy. There were already onions and garlic in the juices cooked with the meat.  (Yeah, the onions are what the son will not touch.  I don't understand--he loved them until he turned old enough to learn what they look like.) Ritzy complimented me on the food.  The son's compliment was an empty plate ;-)
After eating I was going to sit outside in my swing by the firepit.  But........Ritzy was trimming some firewood that was too long and he would pick up a piece, lay it down, saw it, throw the small trimmed-off piece in the truck and stack the other piece.  I thought it was going to take him forever to get that done so.....here I go into the house for my gloves------somebody stop me----- and I go out there to help him.  Good-by fire and swing ;-(
After doing all he wanted we proceeded back to the fire when I realized that our temperatures are supposed to be below freezing in this part of Oklahoma tonight.  I told Ritzy to go and pull the 2 pepper plants ( a bell and jalapeno) we have and I would dry them.  We have already harvested a lot of peppers off these 2 plants this year.  Was a good year for peppers!!!
I brought the peppers in and started working on them........I DID NOT forget the gloves this time!!!!!
As I sit here -- I hear the dehydrator doing it's job and I will have dried peppers by morning ;-)
They will come in handy in the coming winter months...  I used the crushed jalapenos in  deer jerky. 
Tomorrow is open so far.  Gonna take a day off and rest......Here it is almost midnight and I am FINALLY getting sleepy........that being said, Ritzywife is out..........................

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