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Hey, that's fun to write,  haha!   Have been busy the past few days.  Cooking, baking, cleaning, doing laundry, ticking people off.......oh, did I say that???
Sometimes you do your best and people still are not satisfied.  I say "not my problem"!!!!!
Yesterday I picked green and red bell peppers & jalapeno peppers from the garden.  This weather has been perfect for peppers.  I thought about having stuffed bell peppers last night but then another thought came to mind.  I have 2 dehydrators and have been using one to dry apples.  I got the other one out and cut up the bell peppers and loaded them onto the dehydrator.  Had about 50 or so jalapenos.  I had already strung some up so I cut some of these in half and proceeded to take the seeds out, barehanded, mind you.....not a good idea!!!!!!  I knew better, but I did it anyways...While loading the dehydrator with jalapenos I thought about making some cheese stuffed jalapenos to eat, so I saved about 15 of the biggest ones.  I proceeded to stuff them with cheese and wrap a piece of bacon around them.  Put them in the oven for 45 minutes.  Well, while they were cooking something came up that I had to leave, so I asked the son to watch them.  After I returned home, I asked if there were any left.  The son showed me there were about 10  halves left.  What was kind of funny tho, is that I was warned about the "heat" contained in these little peppers.  I ate them anyways, they were a little hot, but heck they are supposed to be........I got to the last one and oh my goodness it set my mouth on fire. (must have been some seeds in that one)
I asked the son later if he liked them and he commented that they were so hot that he couldn't tell if he liked them or not, hahaha!!  Well. he ate them, so they must have been ok....
Back to preparing those peppers with no gloves.....my hands seemed to be "ok" UNTIL I was cleaning my kitchen and ran hot water on them.   Oh, my goodness---my hands felt like I was holding them over a fire and I could not make it stop.  I was wishing I had used those gloves.
I searched online for a way to "make it stop".........Found that milk and tumeric would work so I tried it.  Soaked my hands for a few minutes, the heat went away and even when I took my bath it didn't return.  My hands are still a little sensitive today,  but I WILL NOT prepare jalapenos without gloves again.
This was not a fun lesson to learn, but a lesson well learned......
Anyways, I got all those peppers dried and crushed and now when I need bell peppers or jalapeno peppers in a recipe---I have them on hand!!!!  There is nothing worse than realizing you need something like this for cooking -- and it is 8 miles to the nearest grocery store ;-)
My niece's kids came over for a little while this evening.  We built a fire in the pit and had a weiner roast.  It was fun.......The nephew came in the house to play the son's X-Box and his sister and I stayed outside.  She was playing and I was enjoying watching her, then  she sat beside me in the swing and we were just talking about "stuff".........fun to do with a 5 year old ;-)
That about covers my weekend and now a brand new week is starting, I guess we'll see how that goes...
Ritzywife out..................................

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