"Happy Memorial Day !?!?!?"

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We all say that, but do we realize what it took for us to even "celebrate"such a day.  Nowadays everyone decorates all their loved ones graves.  That is a good thing I guess, but somehow I think people have forgotton the REAL reason we have a holiday called "Memorial Day"....It was originally a day set aside to remember all those who had given their lives for the freedoms we enjoy today.  We need to take a moment tomorrow and thank God for such brave and unselfish men and women who stood for and fought for their (& our)  country, our great USA!!!!
Also say a prayer for those serving today......and don't forget the families left behind....
I think that sometimes it is harder on the family than the soldier.   When called to duty, the soldier has a job to do and 100% of their focus is on their mission,,,,yes, they are away from their loved ones, but the family members left behind have to go through their daily routine with that family member gone.  It can be very hard sometimes.  I know because I have experienced it.  I would not ever want to have to go thru that again, but I would not trade the experience for anything in the world.  When I see a flag flying, it makes me  think about all the soldiers, (past & present) and thier families  who make that possible and how thankful I am for their sacrifice and service.
We are going to Mom & Dad's for lunch tomorrow.  It will be the same thing we always have.....brisket, ribs, chicken.  I am going to take some crappie up there and cook it.  Have it thawing now..... Ritzy picked some cherries off Dad's tree tonite.  After pitting them we helped mom get some ready for a cobbler and put a couple bags in the freezer.  That cobbler sure is going to taste good with the vanilla ice cream my brother is bringing. yumm yumm!!!!  As we were leaving I told mom that no "sampling" had better take place.......I guess we'll see, huh???
Its going to be pretty hot.  Probably just sit around and watch the little ones play.  They are so fun to watch.
May have to take a nap too. 
Woo Hoo!!!!  The daughter  moved out of the house this weekend.  She and her boyfriend are much closer to their work in Tulsa.  I would have liked to see them married first, but they are young adults and make their own choices.  Oh yeah, I must not forget her little dog Senor.  I don't miss him at all.   Anyways it's just Ritzy, the son and I now.  Sure is quiet here.......
People in this house just don't understand the fact about me not missing that dog, but I just don't like dogs.  Senor and I just tolerated each other, hahaha!!!!
Told the daughter when the dog went, his "chair" went with him.  Her boyfriend asked what was wrong with the chair and I proceeded to tell him that the rocker-recliner was an excellent chair but it has had a dog sitting in it and for that reason I would not have it in my house.  I think they think I am nuts.  But, as they say---to each his own......it's my house and that's the way I like it.........Needless to say, Senor and his chair are in their happy new home..............
I guess that's about all I got for now......Ritzywife out..................

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