Love To Fish!!

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I wasn't going to go fishing today.  I had to get the financial report ready for our church business meeting tonite.  I also had to prepare something for the meal so I figured fishing was out for today.  I had just finished the report and ate my lunch. And...............around 3pm my sister-in-law calls and says they are biting.  Well, that's all it took for Ritzywife.  Told her I'd see her in a few minutes.
I got down there and caught 2 two-pounders right off.  They were big!!!!!  I told her I was going to have to figure out something that would not take any time to fix for the supper tonite,(if i even went, haha!!).....
Well, around 5:30 I called my son, and asked if he wanted to come down there to take my spot and I would return after church was over.  He came down there, I left at 6pm (church starts at 7), came home (only a half a mile away, thank goodness) changed clothes, threw some Schwan's fried rice in the microwave for 6 minutes and wa-la....I have a dish for tonite. 
After church, I went back down there and the fish were still biting pretty good.  It started to get dark and no one wanted to leave.  My brother, sister-in-law, & nephew were down there, along with her dad and step-brother.  My son and I also.  These weren't small crappie we were pullin in either....
The spot we were fishing was on around the bank from where I have been fishing the last month. 
As you can see in the picture, they are pretty good size.  I put my (dirty) hand beside them to compare..
We stayed, everyone got out their lights, the sister-in-law's dad pointed his truck toward the lake and turned on his lights, haha!!!!
We started to hear thunder in the distance, but at 9:30 we started to notice the lightning in the south.  We all loaded up right before the rain hit. 
The son and I got home, took care of the minnows and cleaned the fish.  While I cleaned the fish, Matt took pictures of the pretty light show.

Finally at 11pm I was able to go and take my bath after cleaning and putting up the fish, and cleaning up after the daughter and her supper dishes.  We ended up with 18 nice sized crappie.  Not too bad for an evening of fishing.
Don't know if I will be going tomorrow, I'll have to wait and see how the weather is.  Fishing tomorrow nite is out tho, because the daughter's boyfriend wants us all to watch a John Wayne movie together.  That sounds like fun to me.  I like John Wayne.....
For now.........Ritzywife is out...............

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