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Today (June 8)  is the son's 26th birthday.  I cannot believe how fast the time has gone by since he was born.  He, Ritzy & I just "celebrated" at home with a nice dinner and one if his favorite cakes......a strawberry-jello cake.  The kid loves strawberries.
Now, if we could just find him a girl to catch his attention, hmmmmm.......
The daughter seems to be doing just fine living in Tulsa.  She and her "significant other" are happy.  That is more important to Ritzywife than anything. 
I want my kids to be happy........with their lives, jobs, etc..
I watched Ritzy split wood tonite.  He just does not know how to "do nothing"........I think he was having fun tho, playing with that log splitter.  
I had quite a busy day.  I had to make a trip to Pryor for the daughter, while there I shopped for the son's birthday present.  I went back thru Claremore to stop at Walgreens.  After leaving there it was lunchtime so I stopped at Arbys and got me a Turkey & Swiss sandwich.  I decided to go home thru Oologah (the scenic route)....So, I just make one big circle.  After getting home it was time to bake the cake for the son.  I baked the cake, mixed up the jello and poured it in the cake, then set that in the refrigerator.  I was ready for a nap by that time....so that's what I did, for a couple of hours.  Then, it was time to start supper for the "guys".  Hey, I just realized that with the daughter gone Ritzywife is outnumbered.  I may be outnumbered but I will never be outsmarted!!!   hehehehe!!!!!
Ritzy and I will be going to visit his family soon.  I just hope it is cool this year.  Last year the hot weather just followed us to Wisconsin. 
That's about all I have at the moment........Ritzywife out...........................

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