Lord, help us.....

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That's about all I can think of. I just got off the phone with a sister-in-law (brother's wife). Her mother had cancer surgery today. She only found out a couple months ago she even had it. It is lung cancer and she has never smoked. What the heck???? All seems well, but won't know for sure for 3 - 4 days til the test results come in. She was also telling me that my nephew and his son (her son and grandson) were in an automobile accident tonight. They were both unharmed. Wish I could say that for the truck, it is totaled.
Tonight, Ritzy and I went to visit my neice and her family, (the one who is pregnant and has a brain tumor and Bubba and Sissy's mama)......She and I were talking about her health and what could the future could hold. The good and the bad. I just pray that she be able to raise those kids and enjoy a good long life.
My brother-in-law,(her dad and my sister's hubby) is still not well. He has been sick for almost a year now with no diagnosis. It gets really frustrating at times for everyone. It is really hard on them.
I have often thought about how blessed our family is becuase of no illness or problems. Then out of the blue, WHOOSH, it all comes at one time!!!!
My sister-in-law said tonite "Stick a fork in me I'm done!"
Our daughter's dog has been sick. I know it's only a dog but she loves that little dog and she took it to the vet today and she still doesn't know what is wrong. I don't know what to say to her cause I just don't have the concern for animals that she and her brother have. I do have concern for her tho and care about what is going on in her life, but she sees my so-called lack of concern as not caring about her pet or her. I guess you might say today has been a stressful day all around......
Ritzy is very concerned about his parents. He talks more and more about them and how much he misses them. All we can do is be there for each other....the good times & the bad times......that's what a family does.
In a couple of days Ritzy and I will celebrate our 26th Anniversary. I still remember last year, he was in Iraq and I was here in Oklahoma "celebrating" our 25th anniversary.
Saying that.....Ritzywife is out.......

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