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But, we had a very happy anniversary on 7/30/2009. Ritzy and I got away for the evening. Just to spend time together without any interruptions. We just "chilled" in the hotel til dinnertime. Went out to eat at Olive Garden, came back and did some more"chillin". After spending last year's anniversary alone, with Ritzy in Iraq, it was wonderful just to be together.
It doesn't take much materially to make Ritzywife happy. I just wanted to spend time with Ritzy. We really had not had a chance to do that since Ritzy's return last October. We were always doing something for family, his or mine.
I cannot believe it has been 26 years already. Where did the time go!?! Looking forward to whatever the future holds for us. Hopefully some grandkids, ;-)
My niece is going to have a garage sale here tomorrow and the next 3 weekends. I've been busy cleaning and finding things I don't need anymore. I did find some things for the sale, but Ritzy took a lot of it to the dumpster. It feels good to clean and get rid of stuff that I don't have any idea why I kept it in the first place. I just bet Ritzy had a big smile on his face as he was carrying that "stuff" to the dumpster. hehehehe!!!!!
Our daughter lost one of her chihuahuas (ROO) this week. It was the one she bought after graduating high school. I am sorry it happened, but there was nothing we could do. She still has a male chihuahua. He is a little over a year old.
She brought home 2 kittens, but they seem to have disappeared.
Today is "Sissy's" birthday, she is 4 years old. Her party is this Saturday.
It is hard to believe it is August already. The Oklahoma troops (The 45th Fires Brigade) that were deployed last year about the same time Ritzy was returning home have started to return to their re-deployment site. They should be in Oklahoma next week. There are about 800 of them. For the most part we will have all our Oklahoma National Guard home for the first time in quite a while. As I sit here I think about what their families are feeling and the emotions they are dealing with. I came across some pictures of the day Ritzy deployed and it brought back the feelings I had when I knew it would be a long time before I would see him again. Deployment touches you in ways you never thought of. That's why you should cherish every moment you have with your family, even if they are driving you crazy.
Ending with that, I am outta here..............

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