Happy Birthday America!!

Posted by: cheryl

I hope everyone survived the ((((HOT)))) holiday weekend. We met at mom and dad's for the regular cookout and fellowship.
Watched the little ones play, shoot fireworks,etc.....
There is always good food. We just spent the day enjoying each others company. It started out raining. I woke up and wondered why it was soooo dark outside. Could not beleive the rain. Wasn't supposed to be doing that til late Saturday nite.
I thought I had just spent all that money on those fireworks and now we won't be able to shoot them.
Finally stopped raining and turned out to be a pretty good day.
About dark, the son and nephew started the night show. We all sprayed on the bug spray, took our seats and were ready for the "show".......
WE must not forget why we celebrate this holiday. It is our freedom that we celebrate. We must also be very careful or our freedoms can be lost unless we stand for ourselves and protect them. Also it is a time to remember all those who have given their lives for this freedom we enjoy today and to thank all those defending those same freedoms today!!!
I want to shout out a big "THANK YOU!!!" to our military and their loved ones.
It sure is getting hot here in Oklahoma....and it's just the beginning of summer.....
not good for the garden. We have dug our potatoes, picked a few small tomatoes. Can hardly wait for the okra to be ready.....
I sometimes find myself thinking about this time last year. I was waiting on Ritzy's deployment to Iraq to be over. It has been an interesting time since he returned, but I can say I would not want to live it over or trade the experience for anything in the world. With that Ritzywife is out!

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