Brewer Game...

Posted by: cheryl

Today was a good day for Ritzy and I. We left Appleton around 9 this morning and drove to Milwaukee for an afternoon Brewer game. They have a fairly new stadium (Miller Park). This was my first ever MLB game to attend. I was excited and The only thing that could have made the day better would be a win for Ritzy's Brewers.
Oh my gosh, it took 1 hour to go about 2 miles getting out of there. There were only 41,000 people trying to do the same, so it was going to take a while. We stopped at a resturaunt in Appleton to eat before coming back to the house. Finally got "home" at 8:30pm. Made for a full day.
It was HOT at the game, but we survived ;-)
We are going to just "chill" the rest of the evening........
Tomorrow evening Ritzy's brother and sister are coming over to clear out the house. It will belong to a new owner as of the 30th of June. It's sad to see the home go to someome else after Ritzy's parents owning it for the last 30 or so years.
I better save some for later, with that...Ritzywife is out.......

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