Is It June Already?!?!?

Posted by: cheryl

It's hard to beleive June is already here. Dad's birthday was yesterday. He is 72 years young. The weather here in Oklahoma has finally gotten decent. Warm days and cool nights, what more could ya ask for???
We better enjoy it while it lasts. We had a weiner roast Friday night. The son, daughter, neice, her husband and 3 kids were all here for a good time. Then, after working outside all day Saturday we decided it was too nice to go inside to eat so we cooked hamburgers outside and had our supper out on the patio. I love cooking and eating outside. In a few weeks it will be getting too hot to do that. The mosquitos aren't too bad now, so we are enjoying the time outside while we can.
In a couple of weeks Ritzy and I will be heading back to Wisconsin for a short stay. It sounds like his parents are doing as well as can be expected. This will be our last time staying in their home. It has been sold and the sale closes at the end of June.
We will be busy each day going to visit Mom & Dad, but that is why we are going. We are also going to Milwaukee to catch a Brewer's game.
I have been thinking this morning about all the things going on right now, Ritzy's parents, my neice and the brain tumor & her pregnancy, my brother-in-law (her dad) who is recovering from Lyme Disease, etc.....I still have so many things to be thankful for. Ritzy has been home from deployment for 7 months, our kids are doing fine, my parents are doing fine, Ritzy is OUT of the military for good...... We can decide to let things get us down or be thankful for what we have. I choose the latter, even tho I have my moments when I am concerned about what is going on.
That great-nephew has a baseball game at Chelsea tonight and I think Ritzy and I are going to watch him play. Those 7-8 year olds are so fun to watch. Poor Ritzy will probably have to eat a sandwich so we can make it to the game, but heck- it's better than nothin'!!!!!!! It won't be too bad tho cause it will be a BLT and I love those, the only thing that would make it better is if the tomatoes were coming out of our garden. That's ok tho cause we will have our own soon enough!!!!
The garden is looking really good. I can hardly wait to start eating from it. Geez, I am making myself hungry with all this talk about garden produce ;-)
And with that Ritzywife is out..............

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