Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad !!

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Today is their 51st anniversary. I remember all too well last year at this time. We (my sisters & brother) were trying to pull off a surprise 50th Anniversary Party. Well, what can I say.....we did it, thank goodness. No thank you for that kind of stress again ;-)
It was kind of funny, this afternoon Dad had Ritzy, a brother-in-law and a nephew working on a grain bin to hold his oats that will be combined in the near future. I asked Mom what her and Dad were going to do to celebrate and she just pointed to dad and the guys working and said I guess...nothing. So....she, "sissy" and I go to town to get gas for her lawn mower and when we get back she starts mowing. This was around 4pm. What she didn't know (as I found out later from Ritzy) was that Dad told the guys they were gonna quit working at 4:30pm. Dad and I were sitting in the shade and I asked him what he had planned for mom and he said "nothing I guess, she is mowing"......was kind of funny, hahaha!!!!
Earlier, Dad gave "bubba" a small level to play with and I was showing him how to use it. I told him to holler at papaw and say these words "Hey, papaw I have been looking at this level and it told me something about you - you wanna know what it said....you are a half-a-bubble off.......Dad just let out a chuckle. I told bubba I better be quiet before I get him in trouble ;-)
Ritzy and I came home and I finished making cushions for my patio chairs. Then we went to Claremore to get supper at Taco Bueno. Its been a couple of years since we had food from there. We got our food then went to Sonic and got our drinks. Neither one of us got cleaned up to go so we just ate in the truck.
Anyways it was a pretty good day.
With that Ritzywife is out for now.........

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