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Here we are again. We stopped in Janesville for the night. Ritzywife was willing to drive the rest of the way last nite, but Ritzy wanted to stop, so we decided to stop. Ritzy's dad has to have surgery Monday morning so we decided we should be here for that.
We left a soggy Oklahoma,, it sure is good to see the sun!!!!!
Left the (adult) kids in charge of the house!!!! Ritzy was disgusted Friday because he wanted to mow the lawn, do some work for a neighbor and a couple of other things before we left. but,,,as you know it was raining AGAIN and he did not get to do anything . He works outside in his regular job, so I told him that it was good that we were going to be gone this week because he would be stuck in his office all week, ;-)
We should be in Appleton in a couple of hours, after leaving this hotel this morning. His Mom and Dad are in Assisted Living so we will have the house to ourselves. I guess we will get see how we are supposed to be living, haha!!! (with kids moved out back home) Heck, we may like it so much we may not come back ;-)
There is only one problem: the only things left in the parent's house is a bed, refrigerator, stove, card table and folding chair. I had to bring from home some items required to survive a week away. Even brought a small tv. Can't miss 24 on Monday.....
I guess this is almost like "roughing it", except we will have a flushing toilet and shower, hahahaha!!!!
Well I better get off here so Ritzy and I can get on our way to Appleton. I "feel" him getting impatient. What can I say, after being married for almost 26 years, I can tell what he is thinking and feeling. Wish I could say the same about him ;-)
With that Ritzywife is out.....

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