The Surgery

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Here we are 3 days after Ritzy's Dad's surgery (other leg amputated), and he is doing fair. He was running a fever last night and this morning. Could not eat anything....Wants to sleep all the time. Geez he is 80 years old, ya know.... this has to be hard on his body.
He was hoping to be moved back to the nursing home today or tomorrow, but that is out because of the fever and no appettite.
We went to see him this evening and he didn't even know we were there. The nurses said he was confused most of the day. The strong pain meds could be causing the confusion and so much sleep.
This is so hard on Ritzy. We go to visit his mom in a town about 11 miles away. They are at the same Nursing Home/Assisted Living Location, but they don't get to see each other every day. I have wondered how I would ever survive that if I were in her shoes. She has only a couple of "good" hours during the day so we try to go when she is feeling good. It sure is hard watching your parents get old.
Ritzy and I are in the "Sandwich Generation" right now---just raised our kids and now have to start watching our parents. That's ok tho, cause we love them and would not have it any other way.....
We are supposed to leave Saturday for Oklahoma, unless complications arise with Dad. We will be coming back up here in June, which is our scheduled trip anyways.
It is so odd to be staying at Mom & Dad's home without them. All their belongings have either been sold or given away. Ritzy and I brought enough household necessities to get by on and we have made it pretty good.
If the house doesn't sell by June we will be staying in it again. I will probably just leave the stuff packed and have it ready to bring in June.
The weather has been wonderful this past week, only 1 rainy day. Next week it is supposed to cool off up here, that's ok cause I am headed South.......Hopefully Oklahoma is going to "dry up" soon, hahahaha!!!!!
That's about all I have for now.
Ritzywife out............

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