It's Been A While..........

Posted by: cheryl

Can't believe it has been this long since my last post. I have just been taking it easy. I've been to a few baseball games, watching that great-nephew. They are really fun to watch. Got the rest of the garden planted. Bought a few flowers, and still have to plant them.
It is supposed to be wet this week around here. I kept looking for rain today but it never happened.
Ritzy's Dad is having some problems. I don't know why we aren't on our way up there. I told Ritzy that nothing is holding us here, but he is waiting, for some reason. Dad was supposed to have his other leg amputated either this evening or tomorrow. I'm guessing that since we have not heard anything the surgery is tomorrow. It is still a risky surgery for someone Dad's age and in his condition.
I just told Ritzy that if it was my Dad there would be no hesitation, I would be there!!!!
If it doesn't rain it out, that nephew has another ballgame tomorrow evening. I am planning to go watch him.
Beleive it or not that is all I have for now..
Ritzywife is out.....

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