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That pretty much says it. How do you deal with what life hands you?????? I have been thinking about this a lot the past week or so. First, after Dad's surgery and seeing how he was dealing with that. On Saturday before we left, we visited him in the hospital and he was finally realizing we had been there all week and he could not believe we were having to go. He had been on pain medication and did not know what was going on most of the time. He was upset that we were having to leave and it was hard to see him that way.
We said our good-byes and told him that we would be back in June.
Then......a few hours into our trip back home I get a phone call informing me that my neice (the mother of Bubba and Sissy and their 5 month old sister and....expecting again in October) had to go to the hospital that mornng because of problems she had been having the past month with headaches, nausea, seizures. There she found out she has some kind of brain tumor. She was then taken to a Tulsa hospital .
I was shocked!!!!
That is all I have been able to think about since.
Because she is pregnant, they are limited on the tests they can run. They are doing everything they can to let the baby survive right now. As of now she is still in the hospital. They are controlling the seizures with medication. If they can get her calcium controlled they will let her come home, but next thursday she is supposed to have surgery on her parathyroid.
At some time in the near future, whether it be after the safe delivery of her baby or the unfortunate termination of that little one, she will be facing brain surgery. It all depends on the next MRI to see if that thing is growing or if her symptoms return. Only taking one day at a time now and praying A LOT!!!!!
Bubba and Sissy know something is not quite right and they miss their mamma. She wants to be home with her "babies". I hope she gets to leave the hospital today. Her hubby is about to go nuts too, he is ready to stop having to sleep on that little couch in the room. I told him to just crawl up there in the bed with his wife and get a good night's sleep.
So, after we returned from Wisconsin where we made trips to the hospital and nursing home twice a day , I have made trips to the hospital to see that neice. I can't quite get back into my "routine" at home.
Looking for some sort of "normal" to return to my life. It has all changed since Ritzy returned from his deployment last October.
With that Ritzywife is out!

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