Last Weekend Drill

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That's right!!!! Ritzy and I are in an Edmond hotel tonight. Tomorrow and Sunday is Ritzy's last National Guard Drill with the Oklahoma National Guard and his career as a soldier. We came to Oklahoma City this morning so he could turn in all his "stuff", but found out he needs to turn in his gear used for the deployment that was handed out by the unit he was deployed with first. That happens this weekend, and since he is retiring if he is lucky he might be able to turn in everything here at Guthrie , if not it means another trip to Oklahoma City toward the end of the month.
Now to explain why we are in Edmond instead of Guthrie. It seems there is a National Rodeo at Guthrie this weekend, hotel rooms. We checked about a half-dozen hotels before we found a place to stay. Took the first opening we found.
We will be staying in another hotel tomorrow night. If a soldier travels over 50 miles from home the army has to "put him up" for the night.
Turning out to be an interesting weekend. A lot of running around. We ordered pizza in tonight. Ritzy and I decided earlier this evening that we were not going to leave the hotel room. We were both tired.
Have to be ready to go early in the morning, Sunday morning too. Ritzywife is NOT used to getting up early!!!!!!!!!!!
The Guthrie American Legion and VFW are having something special for the soldiers Saturday. I think that is very nice of them to show their appreciation. Soldiers, young and old, deserve it.
There have been a couple of times that I have been with Ritzy while he had is uniform on and men just came over and wanted to shake Ritzy's hand and tell him they appreciate his service to this country. Made me very proud of Ritzy and thankful that there are still people who are not afraid to tell a total stranger ----good job!
We should all take a hint. If someone does a good job------tell them!!!! You never know what a kind word can do for someone.
With that Ritzywife is out!

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