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That's right, today March 31, 2009 Ritzywife turns((((50)))). WOW!!!
I can hardly believe it.
The daughter texted the "Happy Birthday" song to me early this morning, an aunt called and sang to me and the son left my gift on the table. Tonight Ritzy is taking me out to eat at one of our favorite places......Olive Garden.
I cannot believe it is #50. I still feel (and act) like a kid sometimes. Some days the ole body sure feels it tho.....
Yesterday was interesting, in the afternoon a cousin called and asked if there was a fire close-by, so I went outside and could not see or smell anything. A couple of hours later Ritzy returned home and said there was a fire in the pasture East of the house and he was concerned because of the high wind and only one other neighbor watching it. We went outside and I was surprised to see that the fire was that close and I did not know it. The reason I could not smell it was becuse the wind was blowing the smoke away from our house.
We watched it burn for a little while, noticing it was about to cross the fence line between some property we have and another neighbor's property. I decided to call the fire department and asked if anyone had reported a fire in our area and was told "NO". That really surprised Ritzy and I... The dispatcher was busy and said she would call me back. After some more time we noticed the big hay and equipment barn in this pasture starting to burn and I told Ritzy that there was no way anyone was watching this fire so I called 911 again and told them the barn was on fire. The dispatcher told me the firemen were on their way. This was around 5:30pm. They were still there at 9:30 when a line of severe thunderstorms moved thru and dumped a lot of rain. At 11:00pm they were still up there, I don't know when those poor guys finally got to leave.
During all this my son reminded me that last year the night before my birthday there were tornadoes and now this year a big fire right next to our property and severe weather on top of that. I told him that March 31st is turning out to be a "not so good day for some" ;-)
I am just going to sit back and see what the rest of the day holds..... Late this morning my daughter told me that I needed to go to my sister's (Nana's) house to meet my other sister cause she was running behind. I thought she was at Nana's getting her nails done so I thought nothing of it. I stopped at the little store across the street from the house to get "Sissy" (the 4 year old great-neice) something, told the daughter that i might pick up a sandwich too. I ended up getting a bag of pork rinds and Sissy some candy. We get to the sisters house and I notice some of the family's cars parked and didn't think anything of it til I saw a friend from church's car, then ((((DING,DING,DING,DING))))I realized what was going on. They had surprised me with a birthday lunch. It was so nice, we really enjoyed ourselves. Ritzy came home and took me out to dinner, so Ritzywife has had a wonderful birthday this year thanks to her family and friends.... Ritzywife out.....

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