21 More Days

Posted by: cheryl

That's right...... only 3 weeks and Ritzy is a FREE man. Free from the military anyways. Ritzywife is counting down the days........
March 21st is his ETS date. March is an important month this year...Ritzy retires from the national guard and on March 31st Ritzywife turns """50""". WOW. I can't believe it!!!!
Today in Oklahoma was a COLD day. Everyone here at home just hung around doing mostly nothing. Not much to do when it is 30 degrees outside with a windchill in the teens. Gonna get warmer toward next weekend tho. Supposed to be in the 70's. That's Oklahoma for ya, tho..Love it or leave it......
Next weekend is Ritzy's last Guard drill weekend. I am going with him. Just another excuse to get away from home and the adult kids for a weekend. Hey, we will take what we can get ;-)
Ritzy got some potatoes and onions for the garden, but we will wait til the end of next week to plant. Too darn cold out there now(((((BRRRRR)))))....
I let Mazzio's cook supper tonite. haha!!!
I have already studied for tomorrow's Sunday School class. Not much else to do tonite except to try and get some sleep. I have had a hard time getting to sleep. I thought that would change when Ritzy returned home in October but, he is so tired he goes to bed way too early for me so I just let him get his rest and I stay up til I am pretty sure he is asleep before I go to bed. I have never been able to just go to bed and go to sleep right away.
Haven't heard from Ritzy's family this week, I hope they are all doing ok.
With that, Ritzywife is out.........

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