A Fine Saturday

Posted by: cheryl

This was a pretty good day......a busy one too. Ritzy and I had a wedding to attend. A nephew was getting married at 4 this afternoon. I was playing the piano and the son was the Best Man. Was a really nice wedding. This nephew, before he got the girlfriend, was always over here on the weekend. He and the son would watch movies, play with the Playstation and Guitar Hero and Rock Band. Made for a pretty interesting time here in the house. I just sat back and listened to them having fun.
We got a new neice out of it. She is a really sweet young lady.
I told Ritzy when we were leaving that since we were already dressed up, no sense wasting our good looks, haha. We might as well go out to eat dinner. Ritzywife had the keys and was driving, so I bet you can just guess what we did. We went to Owasso to the Olive Garden. Had to wait for about 30 minutes but it sure was worth it. mmmmmmmm........
Back to the wedding - the son "caught" the garter, I said ALL RIGHT!!!!!! My cousin came over and told me she would help with the "wedding" plans. I said WOO HOO!!!! Now It sure is quiet in the house right now, I guess everyone is in bed. I just finished studying for my Sunday School class and am catching up on here. Sometimes it just sounds good to hear "nothing". Doesn't happen very often around here!!
I guess "Bubba" is going to come home with us after church tomorrow. He asked at the wedding and I told him he could. So......there goes the Sunday nap ;-(
I guess I had better get off here and go get some rest.
Ritzywife is tired and out for now.......

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