This was some day!!!!!!

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If you are 50 or over, you know about having to have a colonoscopy. Yup, I turn 50 next month and my dear Dr. decided it would be a good time for me to have this wonderful test done. I have spent today preparing myself mentally and physically for the test tomorrow.
Spent the day drinking clear liquids and jello. Just started late this afternoon on the Golytely. That is an experience in itself. I still have about a quarter of it to go. Let's just say me and the toilet have spent a lot of time together this evening ;-)
I mixed my "drink" with sweet tea and it has not been too bad so far. I will just be so glad when this is over!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I ain't likin' it at all..........
Tonight is the business meeting at our church. For me that meant spending the day getting the church report ready. It took nearly the whole day too. Ritzy took the report and I guess he will have to make copies and someone will have to read it. At least I get out of that, haha!
The bad thing is this is the one night a month when we have potluck dinner at church. We have some really GOOD cooks at our church. My Mom & Dad for sure are at the top of the Good Cook's List.....Sucky timing for this kind of test...........(((hope my english teacher never reads this, hahaha)))!!!!!
The daughter asked earlier what I was fixing her and her brother for dinner : I said " nothin' ".
She could not believe it. I told her she had to be crazy if she thought I would slave over a hot meal and not be able to eat it, hahaha!!!!! This "kid" is 22 years old and plenty capable of cooking for herself.
I did tell her that if she wanted to go into town I would give her the money to get her and her brother something to eat. Don't know about anyone else but I think that sounds fair enough.
Oh well, after tomorrow this will be just a memory, good or bad though only time will tell........
With that Ritzywife is out for now.

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