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I hope everyone had one. Ritzy and I took my sister (Nana) and 2 of her grandkids (Bubba & Sissy) out to eat at Olive Garden today. Nana's Hubby wasn't feeling well so he stayed home. We got him something and brought it home tho. They had never eaten at an Olive Garden. I think they liked it......

Was pretty interesting with a 7 year old and a 3 year old. Not a dull moment ;-)

Ritzy was wanting to take me out, but I asked if we could include the others cause "Ritzywife" is always thinking about her family.

Nana's hubby has had some health problems since last October and they have not gotten out much. So we decided to go out together. I figured the 2 grandkids would be along to cause they are usually with their nana. Although "Doodah" didn't come, we all enjoyed ourselves. He just called me and told me thanks for thinking about them and he was sorry he could not come with us. I told him not to worry about it and that we would all get together when he is feeling better.

Ritzy got me a "mushy" card. Quite a surprise!!!!!!! His gift isn't in yet, he will just have to wait, haha..........This year I decided to wait and see just what he would do. He did pretty well. I reckon he's a keeper ;-)

As for our own kids, who knows what they have planned. I ticked the daughter off today. Oh well, so tell me somethin' I don't know......She will get over it. Haven't ticked the son off in a while, knock on wood........ told ya about that cart getting upset in the last post...

I thought I was about finished with that cold that had been hanging on since Christmas, but 2 days ago I started sneezing and the nose started getting stuffy. Today one eye won't stop watering on top of all that. I am pretty sure it is allergies. Wonderful, its only February and I am already starting the allergy "stuff".........That's the way it is here in Oklahoma I guess.

Ritzy and I are ready for a quiet evening...................sure hope we get it.

With that Ritzywife is out..............

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