Mini-Vacation.....or sumthin'

Posted by: cheryl

Ritzy and I are at Norman for the Oklahoma National Guard Yellow Ribbon Event. We spent the day coming down here, signing up and finding out what we are "supposed" to be doing the rest of the weekend. Maybe we know and maybe we don't........
We came down here expecting to be put up in a "fancy" hotel, so many others found out only the meetings and such are being held in the "fancy" hotel and we are actually staying in about a half dozen different hotels. YIPPEE!!!!!!! NOT!!!!!!!
Oh well, the place we are at is nice enough and we are having a great time. Hope the kids are holding down the fort at home. ;-)
Glad to see the ice we received earlier in the week disappear. There is still some snow down here but it's not bad. My poor little truck is covered in salt from the road. It will be getting a wash-job soon!!!!!
I don't know why I am still up since we have to get up at 6:30 in the morning...........We just finished eating at Chili's. We split a hamburger and fries. Was Good!!!!!!!
I better get off here and try and get some rest, gonna be a busy day tomorrow and Sunday.
Ritzywife is out.......

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