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Yeah, I know....it doesn’t make sense...but to a 6 year old Kindergartener it makes perfect sense.  We were outside with the boys yesterday when I told them I had some sidewalk chalk to “decorate” Nimaw’s sidewalk.  I watched as they created their art.  After finishing .... Calvin asked me what he drew-I guessed a “caterpillar”....which was wrong.....but I thought I saw a body and legs but it was red white and blue.  Well the “legs” were. Calvin’s name at the bottom....in my defense his letters were touching the picture and all I could see was the remaining part of the letters which looked like legs to me....haha!  He proceeded to tell me that he drew the ‘United States’ ..... I should have known since it was red white and blue...ha!  He then wrote another word beside his drawing and asked me to read it.  I looked at it and couldn’t figure it out so I asked Calvin what the word was and he said “Nimaw that is “army”........Good grief, I should have figured that one out.  He sounded it out
rm-ie....Well, there ya go ........ made perfect sense to him.
These boys are learning so much and it is amazing to watch the show!!!!  Later when P-pa and I took them home I was telling their mom about the incident and Calvin an I had a conversation about sometimes words are not spelled like they sound but that learning would come later.  Nimaw told them to keep up the learning and good work and that we were so proud of the young men they were maturing into....Grandkids are amazing!
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