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Have you ever felt that way??  Well that's what I was thinking the other day.  Since after the first of June I have been getting little dizzy sensations in my head.  Went to the Dr and was told I had an excess amount of fluid on my ears.  I could have told Dr that cause I can feel it.  It has stopped some but not altogether.  It gets very frustrating, has led me to tears sometimes having to deal with it.  All the while having to deal with other frustrations that are going on.  Can't take the prescribed drugs for problem because of afib.   So I am just waiting it out.  Very frustrating and disappointing at the same time.  Hence the "MEH" feeling.
But at the same time, I love spending what time I can with those grandkids.  The newest one, Ayris is growing like a little weed.  The boys are so protective of her, it is so sweet to watch.  Braedy & Calvin spent the 3rd and 4th with us.  They didn't feel real good, and this week I have stayed home while they get better.  They told me this morning that they are finally feeling better.  It all started with little brother Dawson.....then of course the next week the big boys....I sure hope little sister doesn't get it.  They just have no appetite, comes with diarrhea, and a little puking....YUK....which the boys did at my house......but, like I said....thank goodness they are on the mend.
It is so hot now.....which is normal in Oklahoma at this time of year......that I can't go outside and enjoy my swing until late in the evening.   I told Ritzy the other night I was sick of this heat and would love to be where it didn't get over 82 degrees or under 50 degrees during the daytime....I think that would be about perfect.    Could have a year round garden which would be awesome!!!!
We are just starting to get tomatoes out of the garden.  They taste awesome.  I hope the weather cooperates and we can keep harvesting them til Fall.   I fried a pan of okra, tomatoes, potatoes, onion and bacon the other night.  That has to be my favorite summer meal.  Along with BLT's ,made with fresh tomatoes!
The only thing that is good about this summer weather  so far is there seems to be very few to no mosquitos around our house.  I really don't know why, but I sure am glad!!
I hope to go visit the grandkids tomorrow.....I have face timed them a couple of times this week, but it's not near as good as being there and getting and giving those hugs!
Ritzywife out..........................................................................

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