What Is "Love"?

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Just like the title of this blog suggests.......these are my thoughts on the word "love".....
As I was sitting here eating my breakfast this morning I just started thinking about love and all it means to me.
I was thinking about when Ritzy and I first started our family we knew/thought the day would come when it would be just the two of us again when the kids had family/lives of their own.  That has not happened yet or I suppose it never will and i will get to that.
There are folks our age that are going/doing/ running around doing their own "thing" whatever that is.....missing out on precious time spent with grandkids, kids.........but Ritzy and I still have our kids and grandkids very involved in our life and I would not have or want it any other way.  We put ourselves out there for our kids/family....they know they can count on us to be there for them.
                                                        LOVE = TIME, SACRIFICE, ACTION
We sacrifice our own time and resources for the ones we love.  Sure I could do all that for myself but at the end of the day where has that gotten me.  But............if I sacrifice that time for the kids or grandkids that is precious time spent with them to grow our relationship that I will never see again.  I just hope when Ritzy and I are gone that these kids/grandkids don't ever doubt that P-pa and Ni-maw loved them and was willing to show it and hopefully that will make them better people and they will pay it forward......
That "time" can be spent a variety of ways---babysitting the grandsons, staying up late (even tho I am exhuasted) to watch a movie with the son, going out with the family.....whatever...it all adds up to LOVE.  I love and cherish my family very much and I don't ever want those kids/grandkids to doubt their place in my heart. 
It warms my heart to hear the grandkids saying how much they like ni-maw's and P-pa's house or they always say they want to come to our house.  The other day the boys were giving kisses and hugs before going home and Calvin stands in front of me and looks over my head at our house and just smiles and says "I just love Ni-maw's house"...I told him that it made my heart happy to hear that he loved coming here.  A child knows if/when they are wanted.  I get to spend time just talking to them, watching them play, joking around with them where as their parents are focused on providing for their needs.  i told the daughter to not ever forget what is really important in life...it's not the stuff you can see....it's the "stuff" you can't see........relationships, love, stability, safety, letting that child grow into what God intended for them to be.......   providing a home where those kids feel safe and wanted... unlike so many others in this world.  I believe if you provide those things for a child there is no end to the possibilities of what that child can accomplish in his/her life......
And........ that's why they love coming to Ni-maw's because I have that time to spare---yes I could be out doing my own thing------but I choose not to - which brings be back to the title of this post.  I love those grandkids and our kids and like I said "Love" is not a noun.....it's a verb......it is an action!!!!
With that ......Ritzywife is out...............................................................

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