everything happens for a reason................. NOT!!!!

Posted by: cheryl

I have been seeing a lot of this lately on Facebook posts or hearing people, out of ignorance, make the statement.
I totally disagree.....tell that to the child who was physically or sexually abused.....or the person who lost a loved one because of a drunk driver........or the victim of a random drive by shooting.......or a person dying of a horrible disease such as cancer.
My son and I have often had this discussion and we usually just have to call a "truce" and each one of us has to realize we are entitled to our own opinion.
I have heard people say - "well it must have been so and so's time to go......that is totally wrong...granted the Bible says our days are numbered but we can make that "time" come earlier by our poor choices in lifestyle or situations we put ourselves in.
Most of the time the things that happen are due to our own or others poor choices....not due to God's will.
Everything that happens in our lives does not come from God....but  nothing slips by Him either.
We can believe the promise that He is there no matter what happens and it is our choice to turn to Him in those times or turn away and blame Him.
Life is hard.....but He promises that He will be there to get us thru life's circumstances, He doesn't promise it will be easy...for if it were easy why would we need Him???
But the statement that "everything happens for a reason" is just wrong for the reasons I stated earlier.
Bad "stuff" happens on this earth because of SIN.  And it will continue to happen til Jesus comes again.
My rant is over.........for now.................Ritzywife out!

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