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Happy Birthday to me....... Today -  March 31, is Ritzywife's birthday # 56.  WOW!!! I can hardly believe how fast the time seems to go by.
I have an aunt that is a couple years older than me that always calls and sings "Happy Birthday" to me every year.  The grandsons and their mama also called and sang.  Was so sweet to hear 2 - 3 year old boys singing to their Ni-maw.  Ritzy and I have plans for this afternoon and tomorrow.  Gonna be a great birthday!
The other day the boys and I were outdoors and Ritzy was mowing the lawn.  Some of the fine grass and dust particles drifted over to where we were sitting in my swing and I told the boys - would you look at that.....P-pa got dirt and grass on Ni-maw...well Calvin did the sweetest thing----he laid across my lap and said..... 'don't worry ni-maw, I'll protect you'.  that was just too precious.  Well later in the day when they were leaving Calvin was giving me a hug and he backed up and was looking at the house behind me and said  'I just love Ni-maw's house'.......i told him that i was so glad he felt that way and it made Ni-maw happy.  That is what it is all about.  Providing a safe, loving environment for those grandkids that tells them they are "welcome & appreciated" anytime.
Even tho it's a bit early I have been fishing a few times, only because it is so beautiful now.  The fish are not there yet, but they will be soon.
 I spent yesterday planting herbs, putting garden flags and wind chimes up, doing some light cleaning outdoors & fishing.  It was awesome to spend the day outside.  Didn't come in till about 8:30 or so.  I LOVE SPRING,  can ya tell??
Now i am waiting patiently to plant the tomatoes & flowers.  I love geraniums, begonias, that don't have to be "babied" .... and I really love the perennials that don't have to be planted every year, haha!  ;-)
 Again.....I LOVE SPRING,  can ya tell??
Ritzywife out........................................

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