Grandkids are AWESOME!!

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I love watching my grandsons grow and learn something new every day.  They are quite sharp.  They are also very entertaining. The above picture was taken yesterday after they awoke from a nap.  Calvin (on the right) wanted Braedy to come over by him so he could give his brother a hug. I love watching them work out a problem, or try to come up with a solution as to why their "weedeater, chain saw or lawnmower" won't start.  They tell me it's either hot or out of gas.  Those imaginations are expanding.
They are twins of course but they are very different too. 
Braedy's favorite phrase is "WHY ?"
Calvin's favorite phrase is "WHAT'S THAT SMELL?"
I love it....
They do have to learn that picking up something and whacking the other is not acceptable.  The daughter sent me this picture in a text last night:
Ni-maw felt so bad for Braedy I kissed his little head in the picture.   No E.R. tho...she just cleaned and bandaged it, which is what mamas do.  Also I am pretty sure Calvin got a good lecture about  why it is not acceptable to hit his brother....or any one else for that matter...
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