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Winganon Baptist Church
Wow......what a month.  The last time I had a chance to write, Ritzy had been furloughed, we were about to celebrate our church's 100 year anniversary, and i was busy, busy, busy.
Well, Ritzy has finally gone back to work.  The celebration was a HUGE success.....thanks to all the hard work and time put in by everyone.  We had a house full and people had a wonderful time and  for some reason I seem to stay busy.
  This week I am babysitting all week because the other "nana" is on a cruise.  Gonna be tired at the end of this week for sure ;-)
 Oklahoma is beautiful right now.  The Fall colors are really starting to "pop" out.  The drive across the lake is gorgeous.  I was driving today and noticing the color change and was a little sad because it wasn't that long ago that everything was so green. 
I have a full day tomorrow.  Up early to be at the daughter's by 7:45am.  Leave in afternoon and go to church tomorrow evening.  Go back to the daughters Thursday and pick up the boys because they will be spending the night with Ritzy and me and I will take them home Friday.    Looks like Friday evening or Saturday before Ritzywife gets any rest, haha!   But........at least I  will get that hour back this Saturday/Sunday  that was lost in the Spring, woo hoo!!
Now it's gonna be dark way too early in the evening, but I guess it beats getting up while it's still dark, huh?
The pecans are starting to drop, and we have some beauties this year for the first time since the December 2007 ice storm.  The trees are loaded and the pecans are huge.  Ritzywife is gonna have a freezer full of them.
I have a very early day tomorrow, so I guess that's all for now......Ritzywife out!!

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