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Yep, that's right. Ritzywife is "ticked"...Yesterday Ritzy was sent home at 10:00 am until further notice thanks to the furloughs because congress can't get their business done.  This is hurting a lot of people.  Although we are concerned...... Ritzy and I know who our "Provider" is....... and it certainly isn't the U.S. Government!!
He has been catching up on his woodcutting and filling orders for the coming winter. I have been doing "business as usual"  babysitting those precious grandsons.  They are really starting to spit out the words.  It is so cute to listen to them talk.  I just nod and act like I know everything they are telling me ;-)
Geez the days sure get away from a person.  I have been really busy.  I  am leading a committee at church to plan our "100 Year Anniversary" that will be celebrated on October 20th.  We just about have everything taken care of and all those loose ends tied up.
I have really been enjoying the wonderful weather.  I love sitting out in my swing in the evening as the sun sets........and that is getting earlier every nite.
I am really starting to feel the effects of a busy day, so I guess I will say....Ritzywife out...............


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