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That's what happens when I think about those grandsons.   Yesterday I was at their house and calvin was stepping on a lid when his mama told him to stop or he would get a spanking.  Let's just say she had to keep her word.  Well he proceeded to go back to the lid, grinned and stepped on it again.  I lost it----told the daughter i was sorry but it was soooo funny.   ( in the fact that these little actions are my reward for having to deal with their mother as a child) Hahaha!!!! Well,   She had to reinforce her word again.  He was not happy and came to Ni - maw ( me )  I proceeded to tell him that he better do what mommy says.  Well........Brady was watching all of this and what does he learn....apparently nothing.... cause he grins and proceeds to go and do the very same thing that got brother in trouble.  And he gets the same punishment that brother got.   Boy does she have her hands full.  These two little boys have brought so much joy into this Ni - maw's life, hence the "title" to today's thoughts.  Ritzy wife out..............

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