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I have been pretty busy this last month.  Watching those wonderful grandsons, activities at church and just keeping up with daily chores around the house but this last week has been interesting.  Last Saturday the son and I were at the daughters.  While there I tripped and fell flat on my face.....ouch!....I fell so hard I had the wind knocked out of me and scared my daughter.  I told her I would be ok, to just let me be for a few minutes while I got back to breathing normally.  That was the good part, the bad part is when I "hit" the floor I felt a sensation in my back and my first thought was "this is not good".  I was right, I had pulled muscles in my back and I could not even drive home.  I have not been able to lie down and sleep or make any kind of sudden move or even bathe my self since then.  Poor Ritzy has been having to help me with my bath. I can't get down in the tub ;-(
I have slowed way down on my housekeeping and baby watching.  I slept in the recliner the first few nights.  The past couple nights I have at least slept in the bed, but propped up on pillows in a semi-sitting position.  I can hardly wait until I can lay on my side again.  My spine doesn't hurt, it is the muscle on either side in the mid to lower back region that gives me fits.  Sometimes I will move just the right/wrong way and it just takes my breath.  I have been surviving on Aleve, Ben Gay & the heating pad.  It gets better each day, but I still have to "watch" it.

Ni-maw's new ride

Well I did it...............I traded in my red 2008 F-150 for this 2012 Ford Escape.  My "ni-mawmobile"...I had expected to just keep driving the truck for a while......but there was no room for 2 carseats plus Ritzy.   After discussing the matter we decided the best thing was to trade in my trusty truck for this SUV. (Can you believe it's not red?!?)  My family has been giving me a hard time about my color choices in the past because it always seemed we ended up with a red vehicle.  At one time we had 3 red trucks, a red car and a maroon car.   Now we have this one, 2 red trucks and the red car, haha.  Well, one of the red trucks might not count, it is a 1996 nissan truck that we have had forever.  Ritzy uses it to haul wood around - an oversized lawn tractor ;-).     I miss the roominess of my truck but I love my new ride.  Now I will be able to take Ritzy along with me and the grandsons :-)
YUMMY.....I had my first pan of "okra, onions, tomatoes, potatoes, squash & bacon" of the season the other night. It was heavenly.  This and BLT"s with garden fresh tomatoes are my favorite meals during the summer season. 

 I love eating out of the garden.  This year has been kind of rough on our Oklahoma gardens.  It started out colder than normal, then it turned dry and then hot.  We are lucky we are even getting anything, I guess.  Now at the end of July we are experiencing cooler than normal temps and are now under a flash flood watch until tomorrow night.  This year's weather has been really strange :-0
The grandsons spend the night with Ritzy and I tonight.  They are so fun to watch.  Their energy level is amazing.  They are just starting to "run".  They are growing so fast, we better not blink or we will miss something......
Hmm seeing that picture of the fried okra is making me hungry....think I will go warm some of that up for my lunch...............Ritzywife out................

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