Mmmm...Fresh From Ritzy's Garden!!

Posted by: cheryl

We finally got to experience some fresh garden produce. It was delicious!! Green beans, potatoes, onion & garlic. Now to sit back and wait on the tomatoes and okra, peppers, cucumbers etc... I love eating from the garden. Nothing like it. I have been pretty busy babysitting lately. I am loving it tho. Those grandsons are a handful and they are so funny. Yesterday they learned a new word. They were both a little whiny and "Ni-maw" told them the whining was gonna stop. I said while we are at it let's learn a new word --"stop". After me saying and sounding it out about 3 times, they were both saying it, haha. I had ordered a new red wagon, it arrived but I did not have time to assemble it. The son got home and he started putting it together. The boys had spent the nite with us Sunday nite and were being picked up by their Nana pretty soon so I took them inside to feed them their supper. The son came in and was telling them he had fixed their wagon and they could ride in it after they ate. When he was finished speaking.....Braedy said "ride". Me and the son looked at each other and I asked if I just heard that word and the son said "I think so"... WOW....they are going to start repeating everything they hear now. I was getting on to Braedy because he likes to stand in his high chair. Right after correcting him, he immediately wrinkled his face and tried mocking me. It was funny and I was fighting to keep a straight face, but I told him that was not the right thing to do ;-) Calvin is always taking things from Braedy and most of the time Braedy lets him. But I think Braedy is finding out he can fight for what he wants........or get Calvin back when no one is looking, haha. While watching them the other day at their house Braedy had a little plastic golf club and Calvin was sitting on the floor. I saw this "evil" look come across Braedy's face, he grinned and whacked his brother with that club. I told him "no, Braedy that is not nice" and he did it again. Calvin has this odd look on his face wondering what the heck was going on. I tell Calvin that "brother" is not gonna take it anymore. Pretty soon Calvin walks over and gives Braedy a big was so sweet!!! We are busy with VBS at church. We are having it every Wednesday nite the months of June & July instead of the traditional 5 straight days. It is a lot easier on those working. Having a great turnout so far. It's gonna start getting hot here in Oklahoma. It's really been nice. So far I have been able to go out in the evening and sit in my swing. That will come to an end once the hot weather settles in. It's getting late and this Ni-maw is getting tired.......Ritzywife out!

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