Getting Better....

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I have almost recovered from that nasty fall last month.  I have been sleeping and moving around pretty good.  I mentioned to my dad that I sure could use a shower in the house.  (you see...he is a plumber & pipefitter)   so i know who to drop my hints to, haha.  well we got it finished a few nights ago.  Started last saturday with the son and son-in-law putting up the backerboard.  my sister and brother-in-law laid the ceramic tile on the walls and grouted.  I finished up a couple days after that.  Last nite was my first shower in this house in 20 years....Ahhhh......and my knees sure appreciate not having to get down in the tub.  We have always had only baths.
The grandsons spent the nite last nite.  We played till 9:30 (way past their bedtime)....they didn't even put up a fuss when i told them it was time for bed....they were ready ;-)  I think it took them all of about 3 minutes to fall asleep....
They slept til 8 this morning.  Their mama picked them up this evening.  They are growing and learning so fast.  Grandpa Ritzy is teaching them to say silly words.  It is too cute!!
Ritzy is going up north to spend the day in the "forest"...cutting his wood.  I hope to have a quiet relaxing day at home.  I was soooo busy this week i didn't have time to cook a meal till last night.  Picking up fast food gets old in a hurry!! and it's to darned expensive!!!
I finally got caught up on the laundry today, whew!! 
Well our garden along with most people's is a bit disappointing this year.  A cool start to the growing season, hot then cool again has not helped the veggies that need that warm weather to produce.  And the mosquitoes are horrible.  Can't even enjoy sitting out in the evening without getting "ate up" by them.  I am not terribly allergic to them cause once i shower the bite doesn't bother me any more.
It's so hard to believe that schools all around have already started.  This spring/summer seemed to go by so quickly.  
I am gonna get out of here and go enjoy what's left of this evening....Ritzywife out!!

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