A Crazy Way to End the Old Year/Start the New Year!!!

Posted by: cheryl

The past few weeks I have not been on here because contrary to what I thought was happening, Ritzywife was NOT getting better. That darn cold kept teasing me. The weekend before Christmas the son, his cousin, uncle and grandpa all came down with the flu. They all work together.....imagine that. I tried to keep my distance so I would not get sick but it didn't work. On Christmas Eve I started feeling bad and was in bed by 6pm that evening. Because of the weather the daughter and family came over to spend the nite. I didn't even feel good enough to play with the kiddos. Early the next morning I started feeling somewhat better, at least good enough to be around people. Mom and Dad, my brother and nephews,& part of my family were sick so we had to postpone Christmas dinner at granny's. Would you believe we FINALLY ate that dinner this last Sunday. We didn't really get to celebrate Christmas this year as a family so it didn't really feel like the holidays. The only good thing was getting to watch the grandsons have fun. But....they caught whatever was going around too. For a week the daughter's family was here...She, I and the boys were all sick at the same time....that was fun-----a sick mama and ni-maw trying to take care of 2 sick little boys. I hate to see them not feeling well. Right now I have a croupy cough that won't go away and is very annoying. I will be so glad when all this "crud" has run it's course!! The daughter told me today that Calvin has a tooth peeking thru....YIPPEE!!! The first tooth..Those boys are crawling everywhere, pulling up to everything and trying to climb anything that stands still long enough, haha!!!! It will not be long before they are walking/running everywhere......They just keep getting cuter & cuter in their looks and actions. I love it!!!!!! I am going to work with Ritzy tomorrow. We are going to a lunch meeting in Miami, Ok. So, I had better try to get some sleep cause 5am is gonna come way too soon. Ritzywife out.................

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