Finally Starting To Feel Better

Posted by: cheryl

O my gosh.....I was beginning to think that feeling sick was just going to be a way of life.......but after a couple of months of being sick with one thing or another I am finally getting over whatever got a hold of me. I have been busy the past few days getting all the 2012 tax information finished for our church. All those numbers were about to get to me, but I got 'er done!!! A nephew is supposed to come here later so I can file their taxes online. I seem to be the 'tax lady' about this time of year for my family. I love doing it.....unless it is way too complicated. Usually for us simple folks tho it's a pretty simple task . I just have one question..................Where the heck is Winter/snow?!? Oklahoma, at least Northeast Oklahoma has not really seen any kind of winter weather at all so far. Also, the closer it gets to April (when the crappie start to spawn) the more I realize I may not have my trusty fishing hole. It's all dried up thanks to the past couple years drought here in our state :-( Oh, let's not forget about those precious grandsons. They are on the verge of walking. Last night Ritzy and I were in the floor with them and Braedy just stood up by Ritzy and stayed there for a long time not holding on to anything, I am not sure the little guy knew what he was doing. they are starting to try to really talk and tell us things and I just act like I know what they are saying. I love it!!!!! Ritzy and Ritzywife are "putty" in their little hands........ The son brought home an envelope that had "Rattlesnake eggs" on it the other nite and told me to open it...well, I remember seeing something like this when I was younger so I approached it very carefully, I still jumped tho, haha.................but he gave it to Ritzy who was very cautious and when he opened it and when it "rattled" Ritzy threw the thing down and just about fainted. I could not help myself, I was laughing so hard it was hurting. I told Ritzy thank you for that good laugh. I needed it, hehe!!! What's even more funny is the son and I were in this together and he was getting a video of all this on his phone. The son tried to get his sister and she would not even take the thing, haha..... Just might be "warm" enough to go outside and enjoy some fresh air today. From where I am sitting it looks like a beautiful day shaping up here in Oklahoma. Gotta go...Ritzywife out....................

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